There are a range of visas for skilled people who are sponsored by their employer to work in Australia on a temporary or permanent basis.

This program aims to assist Australian and overseas employers to employ skilled workers who have recognised qualifications, skills or experience in particular occupations required in Australia.

Employers who are considering nominating skilled people under this program may locate suitable workers in various ways, including:

  • Through their efforts in testing the Australian labour market;
  • Personal contact and experience with the nominee;
  • Recommendation from third parties; or
  • Through the SkillSelect Database – this is a government program where employees can list their skills and become selected by employers browsing the database

Dependent family members may also be eligible to migrate with the sponsored skilled worker if they have reasonable English language skills or pay a fee. Dependent family members are usually your partner and children under 18 years of age.

Under the employer sponsored scheme, the visa category you are eligible for will depend on whether you are seeking permanent or temporary entry, and whether you are offshore or onshore at the time of application.