Migrate to Australia

Australia is the sixth largest country in the world. It’s area is similar to 48 mainland states of the USA. The capital city of Australia is Canberra and is located in the Australian Capital Territory. Australia’s total population is approximately 22 million and is mainly concentrated in the energetic, sophisticated and welcoming cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, and Adelaide. Australia is renowned for its stunning scenery, friendly people and also voted as the best place in the world to live. Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House and many others are Australian icons on the World legacy list. Australia is home to citizens from many countries, making it the most multilingual workforce in the Asia–Pacific region. Australia is also economically sound.

Australia is a developed country, with a prosperous multicultural society and has brilliant results in international comparisons of national performance such as health care, life expectancy, quality of life, human development, public education, economic freedom and the protection of civil liberties and political rights. Australian cities routinely rank among the world’s premier in terms of cultural offerings and quality of life.

Australia is the land of opportunities and has been actively encouraging and facilitating migration for many years. Australia is a hot spot destination for skilled migrants. Apart from having a well-built economy, the country is famous around the world for its scenic beauty. Over the past few years, Australia has been engaging in efforts to attract educated migrants to the country.

The Australian Immigration Laws and Schemes are systematic and provide for a variety of programs for dissimilar individuals with diverse backgrounds to immigrate to Australia. Depending upon the circumstances like age, work experience, qualifications and english, an applicant can apply for the program that best suits him. Opting for the right visa clearly reflects the way an individual can contribute to the competitive Australian economy.

As a resident, you have the right to live, work and study in Australia for as long as you wish. As a resident you get access to free Medicare and ability to apply for citizenship once you satisfy the residency requirements. You may also get other government benefits like Children payment and unemployment benefits once you meet the eligibility requirement.

With our experience of dealing with the different skills assessment bodies, Australian States & Territories & Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) and due to our knowledge in the Australian immigration law, we are best placed to give you the right advice and save you time and money.

To ensure that your application for Australia immigration is successful, we follow some systematic processes at every step of the way. We have highlighted below the advantages of using our services.

  • Free expert eligibility assessment to determine your eligibility for migration to Australia.
  • Identification of your visa options and the development of a personal visa application strategy.
  • Providing exhaustive checklist at each stage of your application to make sure you submit all the required documents for your application.
  • Advice and assistance with gaining skills assessment if required.
  • Advice and assistance with obtaining State Sponsorship approval if required.
  • Advice and assistance in submitting Expression of Interest (EOI) with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP).
  • Preparation of visa application and writing submissions.
  • Lodgments of the application with the Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP).
  • Monitoring of progress and providing you with regular updates.
  • Liaising with Department of Immigration & Border Protection (DIBP) and any other relevant official body for you till the time of visa grant.

Glory Consultancy increases your chances of obtaining a Permanent residency visa for Australia. Throughout the process we will keep you updated with any legislative changes that will affect your application and keep you fully informed on the progress of your application.

Our experts provide you with personalized guidance right from the beginning until Visa grant. We strive to provide you with a successful application in the shortest possible time.

Rest assured, GLORY is committed to your Australian immigration success from start to finish.

We deal in

  • General Skilled Migration (GSM) visa (Including State Sponsored & Family Sponsored visa).
  • Skilled – Graduate Visa.
  • Skilled – Nominated (Permanent – State Sponsored) visa & Skilled Nominated or Sponsored (Provisional – State or Relative Sponsored) visa.
  • Subsequent entry visa for spouse
  • Spouse Visa.
  • Visitor/Tourist visa.
  • Parent visa.


  • Assistance with things to carry after visa grant.
  • Assistance with Air-ticket & Foreign exchange.
  • We can arrange airport pick up (only at Sydney airport) and also can make arrangement for temporary accommodation (charges of AUD $ 100.00 for air-port pick up plus actual charges for accommodation).
  • We will provide you a list of the things to be done after you arrive in Australia to settle down smoothly. For e.g. Opening a Bank Account, apply for Tax File Number etc.
  • We try to make you and your family settle down in Australia and feel like home away from home. We understand your situation because one day we were migrants too!!!!!!!