Australia is a huge country with vast cultural diversity. Nearly a third of Australia is in the tropics and the rest is in the temperate zone. The highlands and tablelands of Tasmania and the south eastern corner of the mainland are the coldest areas. Summer is from December to February; autumn from March to May; winter from June to August; and spring from September to November. English is the official language and host of other languages are spoken in Australia.

The British influence originating in Australia’s colonial origins has evolved over two centuries into dynamic multiculturalism with invaluable contributions from migrants from all parts of the world.

Almost a quarter of today’s 22 million Australians were born in another country with nearly one million Asian-born Australians. About 2 per cent of the populations are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. More than 100 different ethnic groups are represented in Australia, making Australia one of the most ethnically diversified countries in the world.

Australia has emerged as a popular destination for higher education because of its strong educational infrastructure, a high quality of life, and relatively lower expenses.

Australian qualifications are gaining increased acceptance in the global world, particularly in the Pacific rim countries. A peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, together with the cosmopolitan charisma of cities like Sydney and Melbourne – Australia could be the ideal destination for higher studies.

Australian universities are major producers of research and development. They have pioneered many new ideas and technologies, leading to advances in business, science and industry. The Australian approach to vocational and technical education is now recognized as among the best and most innovative in the world. It has played an important role in Australia’s economic performance, by greatly increasing the skill of workers and contributing to improved productivity.

The Australian Government operates an Overseas Student Program (OSP) that allows people who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents to study in Australia. If you want to study under this program, you must obtain a student visa before you can commence a course of study in Australia.

You can be granted a student visa only if you wish to undertake a registered course or part of a registered course on a full-time basis. A registered course is an education or training course offered by an Australian education provider who is registered with the Australian Government to offer courses to overseas students. “GLORY CONSULTANCY” offer you a time-tested and cost effective process that enables a quick admission and smooth visa process. Our expertise extends to guiding you through every step of your admission process: from the choice of universities, to applying with discretion and guiding you through visa procedures.

Educational services, such as guidance and consultations, are offered on an individual basis to students. Services are provided through individual guidance, correspondences, telephone consultations, and e-mail communications by our respective staff.

We firmly believe that correct and systematic counseling along with evaluation and preparation is the key to success. Our key to success includes the commitment to quality by every person who is a part of the team.

Glory Consultancy believes in complete transparency and honesty. We provide all the following services to students from day one until visa is obtained.

  • Counseling for higher studies.
  • Choosing the right course in the right Institute.
  • Assistance in preparation of Essay/SOP (If required).
  • Guidance on IELTS and other required tests.
  • Getting admission/offer letter from college/university.
  • Scholarship Assistance.
  • Bank Loan Assistance.
  • Pre-Visa Counseling and Documentation.
  • Assistance in preparation & arrangements of the financial documents.
  • VISA application.
  • VISA Interview Preparation.
  • Assistance with Air-Ticket and Foreign Exchange.
  • Pre departure briefing.